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After graduating from York University, Toronto with an Honors BFA in screenwriting and creative writing, Jennifer moved to Los Angeles where she founded the Story Factory, LLC, a Hollywood script consulting and literary management firm.

There she wrote story coverage for studio films, honed screenplays with a stable of writing clients, shopped finished scripts to Hollywood development executives, and wrote script analysis for spec writers across the US.

In 2014, Jennifer co-founded Willpower Electronics, Inc.™, a social enterprise dedicated to tackling people’s everyday challenges through technology. In 2018, the business expanded its focus by adding a new low-tech/no-tech division: Willpower Home & Industrial Designs™.

Jennifer is the corporation’s president, and manages its daily operations.



Because Mike’s dad owned a TV repair shop, Mike grew up playing with electronics and learned the basics of digital logic by experimenting with relays.

In high school, he became computer editor for the school newspaper, and provided tech support for the paper and school office. When the newspaper’s phone disrupted the modem used to upload stories, he built his first useful electronic device, an indicator light which kept people off that phone when the modem was in use.

While in college at CSU Northridge, he wrote his first open source software project, called Secure Drive, which was a full disk encryption product for DOS/Windows 3.1. He also built his first microprocessor-driven project at that time.

Mike graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1994. Secure Drive landed him his first sysadmin job out of college, and ever since he has been working as a system administrator while writing software and building custom electronics.

Annoyed by banner ads in 1999, he wrote Ad Extinguisher, the first open source ad eliminator for Windows. Ad Extinguisher was reviewed in the April 1999 issue of Playboy magazine, along with commercial ad-blocking tools.

In 2006, Mike started designing Atmel AVR microcontroller projects, including a GPS tracker and custom clocks. In 2011, he built the speed and time displays for a reproduction Back to the Future DeLorean featured at Comic Con Las Vegas and in the Karl Wolf music video “80s Baby.” Components were later transferred to Universal Studios’ original DeLorean, the Back to the Future “A” car, used in filming the movie and now on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum. In 2013, Mike’s GPS tracking and alerting software was used by David Kamo and the JCR/Honda 1X team as they raced to victory in one of the world’s most grueling off-road motorcycle competitions, the Baja 1000.

In 2017, Mike developed a tracking and timing system, using wearable passive RFID tags and satellite modems, to provide real-time results and live timing data from athletic events, including those held in remote areas outside of cellular data coverage.

Mike will continue to use his electronics and programming skills to improve existing product designs, as well as to create new inventions. He is co-founder of Willpower Electronics, Inc.™, and is also the company’s vice president, CTO, and system administrator.


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